Buyer Stories: Joe & Melissa – How To Be A Home Buyer

Buyer Stories: Joe & Melissa

Joe & Melissa were first friends from church before they became clients.  I’m always honored when someone we know hires us to help them find or sell a home.

While most young couples in our area tend to buy a home in the suburbs as they move up, Melissa & Joe had a different idea.  They really wanted to target a certain area of the Northland that was more “walkable” than the typical suburban neighborhood, and was mostly comprised of older remodeled homes.  

After a short search, we were able to locate exactly what they were looking for.  It had the space they wanted, a 2 car garage (rare in the area), a beautiful front porch, and only a block away from restaurants and the theater.  Of course, finding the property was the easy part! Joe & Melissa are savvy homebuyers, so we worked together to form an offer strategy that was a little riskier than some, but focused on getting them everything they wanted.  By accepting a little more risk up front, they won an extremely competitive offer process over 7 other buyers! During the inspection and appraisal process, we actually ended up negotiating the price back down under the second highest offer, so we put some cash back in Joe & Melissa’s pocket at closing.

It was definitely an exciting ride to acquire this home!  Sometimes, when a home has a very specific target market, it can be challenging to know what tools to use to acquire the home you want.  Melissa & Joe were open to a little more risk, and their reward has been a home they’ve loved living in. I can’t wait to work with them again!

This Team walks you through every step of the process. When we wanted to buy our new house there were 7 offers and Scott told us the thin line between over paying and getting outbid and was right on the money.  He help negotiate when our house didn't appraise for what we offered and saved us thousands. Courtney is amazing.  She kept us in the loop on each part of the process and gave us a detailed summary of what to expect next.  When there was a problem selling our house, she ALWAYS have us several options and was honest about how realistic each option was.  Courtney took the time to schedule and recommend certified repairman who were awsome to work with. Her knowledge on just about every aspect of the process puts this real estate team to another level.When we wanted to sell our house Ron came out and gave us a list of things to fix and not to worry about.  This was three years before we sold our house. If you are even thinking about moving in the next couple of years have Ron our now! He can tell you what to update and how much to spend to make selling your house that much easier.  After we purchased our new house Ron walked us through the process, and sold our house in 2 DAYS. He then set up closing so we never had 2 house payments. Listen to his advice.I can't recommend them enough.  This Team is a class act. Whether you are years away from moving or looking at buying a house today. From start to finish they have an expert to help you where ever you are at in the real estate process.

Joe & Melissa J. - 2015