Buyer Stories: Josh & Ann – How To Be A Home Buyer

Buyer Stories: Josh & Ann

Josh & Ann joined me as clients in the spring after searching for an agent online.  They had been married less than 6 months, and had moved to Kansas City for Josh’s first career opportunity after college.  

At the time they started looking, inventory in the area they were looking in had really started to dwindle.  Multiple offer situations were becoming more common, and you really needed to act fast to secure a nice home.

Ann & Josh may have been new to the process, but they tackled it like old pros.  They weren’t afraid to ask questions, or to ask for help when they didn’t know something.  

Once they found the home they wanted, they made the right offer to win it over another buyer.  That’s when the fun started! The home they chose was just remodeled, and a few discrepancies came up during inspections.  Josh & Ann held to their smart position, made few concessions, and we negotiated to get all the major items repaired.

AFTER that, we had even more surprises!  About 2 weeks before the scheduled closing, our area experienced a rainstorm of the sort we hadn’t seen for over 10 years.  I went to examine the home shortly after and found the newly remodeled basement turned into a freshly filled swimming pool!

Rather than panic, Ann & Josh approached the situation calmly, analyzed their options, and I helped them negotiate professional examinations and repairs to repair the cause of the inflow.  Now, over a year and several very heavy thunderstorms later, not a drop of water has touched their basement and they are loving their home.

What a privilege it’s been to work with such a wonderful young couple.  Now I enjoy staying connected with their family and watching them grow. (Just a dog so far…)

My buyer's agent was Scott Parman, who is Ron Henderson's Buyer's Specialist. Scott is an amazing buyer's agent. My wife and I were first-time home buyers, and Scott was a huge help. We definitely would not have been able to manage without him. He went far out of his way to help us in multiple  circumstances, and was very honest with us the whole way through. He is very knowledgeable and his expertise with home buying helped us make sound choices and land an amazing home at a price we were very happy with in an extremely tough seller's market.Courtney Downer was our transaction coordinator, and she was also an enormous help in getting us through all the paperwork. I would recommend Scott Parman and the Ron Henderson team without any hesitation to anyone who asked. They're great people who will make your home-buying process a breeze.

Josh & Ann H. - 2016