Buyer Stories: Derrick & Laura – How To Be A Home Buyer

Buyer Stories: Derrick & Laura

Derrick & Laura  were referred to me through a friend of theirs who is an agent in another city.  They are a young couple immersed in the formative stages of their medical careers, one as a pediatrician, and the other a Registered Nurse.  Throw an active 1 year old in the mix and as far as a busy schedule goes, they have the market cornered!

Once we cleared the hurdle of finding some time to go look for a home, it was evident that Laura & Derrick needed a place they could feel great about raising their son.  They really wanted to be part of a community as well, not just a collection of isolated residences.

Derrick & Laura had chosen a price range and area that was probably the most popular and lowest inventory in the two counties we were searching in.  They weren’t looking for a “unicorn,” but there was a lot of competition for what they were looking for.

To give them back some leverage in a tough seller’s market, I encouraged them to take a different track.  I suggested a home that was currently being ignored by the market because it had a couple of cosmetic trade-offs that most buyers weren’t willing to make.  Ultimately, the home itself was a great fit for Laura & Derrick’s family.

The great thing for them is they eventually acquired the home for a significantly lower price than it would sell for with a few small updates.  After spending a little time and a few thousand dollars, they’ll likely increase the value of their home by $20,000 or more.

Derrick & Laura’s purchase is a textbook example of where to find your “deals” in a tough seller’s market.  If you’re willing to make a few small improvements while other buyers focus on move-in ready homes, you can still buy wisely without competing for home.

We have been in our new house a month now, and couldn't be happier! Working with Scott  and the team at Ron Henderson & Associates made our first home buying experience as smooth as possible. From the moment we started our search, they were always there to make sure we found the right home for us.  We had complete trust in him...the house we bought was one that he insisted on us seeing despite our reservations! They knew what we wanted and needed for our family, and did everything to make our dream a reality! Should there be a time we need to work with a realtor again, Scott and the team at Ron Henderson & Associates will be the first people we contact!

Derrick & Laura G - 2016